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Great! Now that you have found sellers who want to make a deal, click the button and send them a highly discounted offer! Many will either accept or let you know the lowest they will take.
Perfect! Now that you have found auctions ending soon - if the price is right send them a bid. Good Luck!

Tip - Place a bid at the maximum amount you are willing to spend for the item. This does not mean you will automatically pay that amount if you win. If you are the highest bidder at a lower price, you will pay the lower price.
It's fun to make money on eBay
There are no results matching your criteria.
You can search for specific items that you are familiar with or you can make general searches and see what turns up. When the results are displayed, it will also display a link so you can check to see if similar items have sold, and how much they have sold for. If none have sold recently but some are for sale, you can see what they are listed for and the bids people are willing to place. If you are having a hard time thinking of products to search for, you can click here and we will give you a list of categories to choose from.
You can set the maximum number of hours that the displayed items will have remaining. If you set the hours low, you may find sellers who are more deseperate to sell the item and willing to accept less. However, if the time set is too low the seller may not see your offer before the listing expires. Setting the time too high can cause a seller to not consider your offer as they know they still have time for other buyers to see their listings. The default is set to 8 hours as we believe this gives the seller time to see your offer as well as create a sense of urgency since the item has not sold yet.
This is the minimum dollar amount of the item that you want included in the displayed listings.

  • "Fixed Priced" listings: This value should be set high enough so that you can make a decent deal. If you plan to resell the item on a website that charges you a fee, you are going to want to make an offer that is low enough to cover those fees and still make a profit. A low priced fixed item won't allow you to get enough of a discount from the seller to accomplish that.
  • "Auction with BIN "style listings: There is no set rule for these style listings as they vary. Some auctions with BIN's will have the ability to make an offer on them, while others won't but they will be expiring soon and may have a low bid currently on them.
  • "Auction"style listings: The amount should be as low as $0.99 because you want to be able to place the lowest bid possible in order to purchase the item.

This is the maximum dollar amount of the item that you want included in the displayed results. You can set this as high or as low as you realistically expect to be able to negotiate down. If you know you cannot negotiate a listing with an ask price of $10,000 down to a number you are comfortable with, there is no reason to include it in the results.
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